Life of an Empress

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Walk Away

The best move I learned in life and business is walking away (fast) from things that dont add any value - this includes stressful businesses, unhealthy relationships, negative people, users, haters, backstabbers, and people who suck your energy for their benefit - I value my time, my skills, and even more now. I never compromise nor lower my standards just to get what I want, get a deal done or fit in. I dont need to fit in. I never wanted it. I learned early that fitting in wont make me richer or a better person. It's funny how people try so hard to please and impress others who dont give a single damn anyways about their well being. Only your family give a damn - and very very few friends if you're lucky. It's nice when you see the good in people and help out but don't be naive and a sucker. Choose people you surround yourself with, take things slower, dont easily give in to what people ask of you & be smart with your time. A little wisdom from Empress x #ceotalk #entrepreneur #bossbabe #moveforward #loveyourself #timeismoney #edityourlife #behappy 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Am King.

I Am King. I fear only two things in my life - first is fear of being financially unstable and second is being a single parent. I'm grateful we were schooled in private schools, have a lovely family house, cars and maids growing up - all because of my mom's hardwork. But what she did wasn't easy.  I saw and felt her struggles so I always feared becoming a single mom and not having enough. But by some stroke of luck, I was put to this test & given what I feared most. I had a choice to give up many times, to shutdown, to take whatever is given to me - but I chose to fight it. These pain and hurdles will not stop me from becoming the best parent nor a successful businesswoman. Tears can pour a million times, harder challenges may come but these will not stop me from doing what I always planned to do. I am an Empress, but my core, heart and mind are built like King's. #unstoppable #kingdom #slyempire #ceotalk #bossbabe


Monday, June 1, 2015

Sly Properties Inc.

Just two months ago I was hired by one of the most exciting developer in the country Century Properties Group, but only after a month someone saw my value in the real estate business and invested in me to put up a real estate firm with Sly brand. It's been a quite ride (and an expensive one)  trying to figure out which of Sly concepts will take off - from events, boutique, wine, agency, diet, cafe to trading commodites - I tried and tested it all. But I think this is "THE ONE" -- I have a good (ruthless) business mentor & consultant, investors who believe in me, an instant 150sqm office, and access to 10,000 properties in our database we sell & lease. Help me make this new business big (and make money on the side  with us - of course) by becoming one of our Business Associates/Partner Agents, In-House Agents, Partner Listing Brokers, or Clients & list your properties or bring us potential buyers / real estate investors. Email me at for inquiries, interests, partnerships etc. I'd appreciate your likes on our page prior our official launch. Thank you everyone for your unending support and love for my entrepreneurial quests! Have a great week!
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