Life of an Empress

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Smokin', Ferocious Body

The best revenge is NOT just attaining "massive success" - in my opinion, it is getting a SMOKIN', FEROCIOUS BODY. It is as much hard work mentally as closing deals or building a career at work. But I sometimes think it is even way harder and challenging. I don't give up when it comes to business, but I find myself always fighting this little voice in my head saying "I'm giving up, I'm tired, I can't do this anymore, it's painful" whenever I workout out. But I'm pushing harder than ever before and I'm close to my ideal weight - it is surely fun seeing people I know drop their jaws when they see my current built. I checked out my photos before and wow I was fat! (UGH) 😁 Now going for the goal - my 110 lbs. model body - Getting it back, doing it. Happy Labor Day darlings! P.S. Watch those calories from those yummy, sugary cocktails. Love, Empress 💋

Thursday, April 7, 2016


MY LOOK when someone try to say I can't do it, I'm this and that, I should be doing other things, I should be somewhere else than Philippines or they're giving me the "opportunity of the lifetime." EXAMPLE. I got a call this morning from a Hollywood PR guy, and invited to a Vegas party hosted by apparently King of Instagram and was told I will be partying with the hottest Asian models there, that only one from the Philippines will be chosen... That all models who party with this guy get into many places and their "career" get boosted up. I checked this guy's IG - yes he is so famous that hot models pose naked with him after what seems like an orgy. I politely said NO & said have other things planned. The PR manager couldnt accept being turned down - he probably thought I was going to be impressed by all the names he dropped during the talk including Hollywood stars he hangs out with - he then said I'm a hypocrite for declining. Ladies, especially models who want to have a break into modeling or showbusiness, be very careful with people offering you shiny things and do not fall into this trap thinking that only by partying with someone famous can get you booked. Of course they use their popularity to get women into bed - DUH. My loss? NAH. 💋 My line is open 24/7 though for real modeling bookings not some trashy party who uses women to look hot & cool on social media. Have a nice day! 

Monday, March 21, 2016


SURF. If LIFE is like surfing, I'd be one of those persistent students learning it. I fell down the board several times, I got up fast, went back at it over and over again, iterating, improving and never giving up. Strengthening my mind, moving like lightning and not allowing distractions, baggages, sad experiences, nor negative energy stop me from getting my goals. TODAY IS A MILESTONE, I'm so proud to say I closed another investment for a startup company and this time I will become one of the owners of this multi awarded startup. I chose to partner with people from very humbling backgrounds because I connected with their struggles and I admire how they fought it and bounced back from it. I'm so honored to be brought into their core team because of all the wisdom I will learn along the way and very excited to bring all my skills, connections, energy and positivity to make the company even more successful. I want to see their success and be part of it. Thank you partners...Let's close more accounts! #AR #SLY #bossbabe #empirebuilder #businesswoman

Sunday, March 6, 2016


I had doubts writing this public apology because I don't know how people will see me after I write this. I don't like it when I'm put in a bad light especially because I'm a mother now and I have business partners to protect. But with God's grace and blessing, and the right people who have been of good influence around me, I now have the courage to step up and own a mistake from my past. I'm NOT WRITING THIS SO the case against me ("Slight Physical Injury") gets dropped - it is up to the person I'm apologizing to if she will do it or not. The main purpose of this is to apologize to her because she deserves it and I know I made a huge mistake. On this note, I'd like to apologize to Samantha Carbonell for publicly humiliating her in front of her clients. About three years ago, I went up to Sam at TIME, to try to fix an issue between her and another friend. I wanted to clarify things with her and bridge a solution to their conflict. (Apparently, that issue was already fixed, so Sam felt she was being drilled and provoked by my presence - this I found out only recently because I finally spoke to Sam and clarified everything.) Unfortunately, that conversation went from friendly to disaster. I slapped her, someone pushed me away from her but I came back to pull her hair. She defended herself and and we were both almost down on the floor, pulling each other's hair. I will not explain the reason why I did it nor try to give excuses for it - there are no excuses for such behavior - it was cheap, uncalled for and so unclassy. I'm so ashamed of my actions. I was told too that I was rude to her mom at the precinct when we were all there - I'm sincerely sorry to your mom Sam from the bottom of my heart. I understand her now because I'm a mother too now. She was just protecting you and doing her job as your mom. I will not expect that I will be forgiven right away because if this happened to my own daughter, I would be very angry about it and don't know if I'd have the strength to forgive anyone who hurt her. I just hope and pray that with this public apology, Sam and her family could be eased of emotional pain and trauma I caused from that incident and that they see I wouldn't have done it if I understand Sam better. To you Sam and your family, thank you for reading this and I wish you all a blessed Sunday.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hangover-Free Weekend by SEVEN POINT 2

HANGOVER-FREE WEEKEND BY SEVEN POINT 2. I'm loving my new alkalizing food supplements 7.2 Alkaline Booster, 7.2 Green Caps and 7.2 Recovery. When you consume acidic food & drinks (processed food, meat, dairy,  pesticide food & alcohol) & work in a very stressful environment like I do, you're prone to all kinds diseases and your weight becomes unstable & your pH level becomes acidic (or below 7; above 7 is alkaline; 7.2 is a perfect alkaline state). These products neutralizes your pH level, shifting it from acidic to alkaline. I luckily stumbled upon these on one of my business meetings. Knowing the benefits of having an alkaline body, I immediately bought samples & tried it for a week. I felt stronger, mind sharper, slept like my baby Zuri, and hangover free! What's  overwhelming is their superstar patented product "7.2 Recovery with HydroFX" which produces Molecular Hydrogen - backed up by over 400 clinical studies, curing 150 diseases - -  penetrates the subcellular level of ALL your body cells w/c means it's now considered the most powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging product out in the market. I was far from becoming an endorser & distributor for these products (mainly because I'm super busy with other things already) but because I know it will help many people suffering from chronic diseases and pains, I decided to be part of this alkaline movement & spread the great news. I heard many people from the Philippines & abroad who benefited from these already including those with diabetes, parkinson's, heart, gout, & all kinds of cancer. I'm so excited on the positive effects of these in my body and my family members.  Btw, these products are Certified Halal, Kosher, Wheat Free, Non GMO, Began, No Soy Allergens & Vegan-Friendly. The best part is you too can be part of this health & wealth building business - anywhere in the world. Send me a private message on how to get started. You can buy these products at my online store: #sevenpoint2 #molecularhydrogen #alkalinediet #loseweight #hangovercure #superfood #supersupplements

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Eric Scott Allison: Arrested and Mugshot

Eric Scott Allison Mugshot And Arrest Warrant
Arrest Warrant: Eric Scott Allison, born March 11, 1971, from Chester, California, USA, CEO of Exigo Ventures Consultancy Inc., Acqhire Inc., EA Global Response and Founder of Pulse Healthcare, a is a foreigner living in the Philippines, previously investigated by NBI Bacolod for rape of an underage Filipina girl as documented by Sun.Star, charged for Estafa in Cebu, sued for libel in Makati. He was now arrested by Philippine National Police on Dec. 27, 2015 at Serendra, BGC, Taguig and booked for jail.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rich Dad, Poor Mom

RICH DAD, POOR MOM. Branded clothes & shoes don't make u nor teach u to be classy. Money & fame don't stop u fr being a homewrecker as u all have witnessed already. People of real intellect don't make comments like that. But just for fun & education of brainless fans of @vina_morales let me answer their dopey comments. I don't need to show off what I have nor show it when I hv more of it in the future bec I live in a country where 97% can't buy these stuff, why would I make them feel worse than they already are by uploading on IG & create unnecessary jealousy of these material things, worse make myself "kidnappable." I empathize w/ poor people bec my mother side came from poverty & they taught me not to be "mayabang" no matter what u have in life. I simultaneously grow up seeing d wealth of my father side & this I'm not very proud to say but I saw them fight over money during breakfasts - they hv many businesses, my great grandpa was called a "DON" during his time, owning several massive lands in Nueva Ecija which is now causing d current family feud amongst d children which includes my "Rich Dad" This family didn't treat my "Poor Mom" right, worse my Rich Daddy left us (very teleserye-like where the rich look down on poor people). I'm more proud to say I'm brought up by two women not fed by silver spoons, bec they taught me humility, joy in simplicity, rewards of hard work and what real classy means. If u have a rotting character inside, no branded stuff can cover that. But I do understand people who comment like that, they just don't know better. We live in a society where people are brainwashed by TV & advertisements so it's just understandable why there r brainless people w/ distorted perspectives of the world. No one should be ashamed of having nothing if u know how to treat people right, never a superficial, not social climbing, & working your way up with hard work. Invest on business books instead of branded stuff. {Reply to comments of Vina Morales Fans re Avi Siwa not showing/having branded stuff on IG; title is a play on book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki} #womenempowerment #empresstalkssomesensetobrainlessretards

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm An Empress, Not A Servant Of Any Man

I'M AN EMPRESS, NOT A SERVANT OF ANY MAN. While waiting at the pediatrician's reception, holding Victoria in her cute mini mouse jumpsuit, I mused on some personal and business strategies for next year. I officially became the sole decision maker of my company a few months ago. If I fail or succeed, it will be because of my moves. This is the first time in my life I will have no business partners to bounce ideas to. It's exciting at the same time a little scary. But I'm doing it. My first move next year is to get a job that will cover the lifestyle I want for myself and Victoria; and be able to finance the business concepts until I'm ready to take in business partners. I never received salaries for the last 6 years of my life in exchange for owning 50% of SlyEmpire Inc. as an industrial partner while my previous business partner poured investment into it. I was a Marketing Director for a Hong Kong Investment Firm and became a VP for Business Development for a Dubai Management Company, both commission based & hardest to close. This means I'm starting from scratch again. I've done this before, I can do it again. But this time I'm covering my ass on all sides. Second move is I will study as if I'm doing an MBA. I will be so focused and selfish of my time and keep building my financial intelligence. No lovers, no distractions, no BS. Relationships slow me down, I get less aggressive. I get into this comfort zone and become a housewife type of girlfriend. I compromise. I give a huge part of my time, time meant for building my dreams. I hate that. I'm meant to conquer the world and not do house chores, movie marathons and breakfasts in bed. I am an Empress not a servant of any man. If I have to be alone to build my empire, so be it. No one and nothing will slow me down again. #truth #2016 #bossbabe #ceo #founder #entrepreneur

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Single Mom Redefined

SINGLEMOM REDEFINED. I used to fear the words "Single Mom" because I was raised by a single mother - my mom. I saw how hard she worked to give us  a good life, fulfilling both roles of a mother and a father. Even if she never said a word, I felt her struggles. I excelled in school because I thought that by being the best, it would ease my mom's pains of being away for months as she worked as an OFW. The thought of abandonment was so distressful that I avoided talks about of having a child and a family. This fear disappeared though a year ago when one man said "Give me a child." It was deep and beautiful, I felt instantly connected to his soul. The connection was so powerful and so divine that I said YES to it. Unfortunately, fate broke us two days before we found out I was pregnant. It was the happiest day, at the same time the most devastating moment of my life. A child without a marriage. I was faced by the thing I feared the most. "Why me?" I asked God a hundred times. I couldn't accept it. I cried almost every night for 9 months wanting to have a man beside me to share the wonderful blessing, someone to love and care for me. There was nobody. I felt incomplete. But as I longed for someone, I found strength from being alone too. Strength I have never experienced before. But I was too weak and too consumed by my fear to embrace it. I felt like giving up many times, but the little angel inside me kept me company and gave me light. She guided and showed me the way during the times I felt so lost. I was torn apart in too many ways but I was gaining something unfamiliar. A new kind of strength was slowly filling the void and building up from my core - FEARLESSNESS - to the highest level. Today, as I write the words "Single Mom," I no longer fear it, nor think of it as something so terrifying. Instead, I am celebrating and very grateful for being one. It's a weapon, an armour and a shield combined. I may have lost  moments of 9 months, but I gained a million times more into the future. The struggles had to happen, it was inevitable. It was preparing me for something even bigger. I had to lose my fears. I had to cry it all out. I had to be alone. Now I am ready for all of it. #bringiton #faceyourfears #embracethosestruggles #positivevibes #seetheopportunity #singlemom #singlemothers #lovingit

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ego Down

EGO DOWN. It took a lot of strength to bring my ego down and I did it today. After weeks of emotional turbulence, seeing the best and worst of myself, I gave in to real maturity. I will not be apologetic nor try to look saintly because I'm far from it. But what I will be right now moving forward is to be the best mom to my beautiful child and the best co-parent to someone who is so giving and caring to me and my little angel. The way to win a war, sometimes, is not to fight but to surrender yourself wholeheartedly ---- not necessarily compromising everything you are nor losing your character and value --- but knowing when to give up what you want, what you think you deserve and just give in. It's the beauty and quintessence of femininity. Looking forward to a wonderful, sweet life with  Victoria and coming back to business building!  #heartofanempress  #artofmotherhood  #magnanimous #optimistic #positivethinking #fallharder #getupfaster #happyparenting