Life of an Empress

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slow Down. Let Go. Reasses

Day 23-30 of Business Restructuring: SLOW DOWN, LET GO & REASSES. I spent the last 8 days of this 30-day business restructuring organizing my thoughts and building a new roadmap for the empire moving forward. I was told I might give birth in 5 weeks which gave me extra motivation to push harder. But I like the timing of my pregnancy because I do need to slow down and reassess everything. I will take the next 6 months improving my businesses - product development, market analysis,  and research - and closing a few partnerships and deals while taking care of my little empress. I'm letting go and giving up some part of this empire-building quest so I can focus on being great mom to Victoria --- for a year or two or more, whatever is necessary. She is my world and my empire now. #ceo # bossbabe #entrepreneur #familyfirst #ultimatelove #slyempire

Monday, August 17, 2015


Day 21-22 of 30-Day Business Restructuring: ACCELERATE. What a momentum! The week went so fast. I kicked ass and accelerated even more this weekend by pushing on signing a business deal. But it doesn't end there. It will take more thinking, strategizing and partnering for me to see any returns. It's not as easy as it looks but I'm doing it, working hard for it and I'm having the best time of my life - I get to test my negotiating skills and all new skills I learned the past few months - such an awesome feeling when you can make the calls, pitch and test your ideas and everyone listens. I especially love the fact that I'm usually the only woman in boardroom meetings - very powerful and sexy. Let's see if I really can walk the talk in next last 8days of this 30-Day challenge. Cheers to the process of making (lots of) money! #ceo #bossbabe #entrepreneur #dealmaker #walkthetalk #awomaninmansworld #businessinheels #rulenumber1neverbenumber2 #slyempire 

Monday, August 10, 2015


Day 15-20 of 30-Day Business Restructuring: KICKASS. I just finished an hour of morning meditation, played some harp music for my little empress to send my love vibrations and now we're ready to get things done. I'm pushing harder and coming stronger this week - no messing around. I won't be playing nice nor be accommodating to people who bring nothing but talk and waste my time and theirs. The next two weeks will only be about closing and nothing else. All my senses were sharpened and strengthened more over the last few months - thanks to the people I tried to do business with who don't know how to close a deal and many business deals that flopped  - I'm now very proud to say a 99.99% BS-proof and sharp like a shark. Now where's my crown? Let me show you how it's done. #ceo #bossbabe #dealcloser #businessgame #entrepreneurship #walkthetalk #empressofsly

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Day 7-14 of 30-Day Business Restructuring: EVOLVE. When shit goes down, who do you turn to? Yourself. You come back to who are, reassess everything and get your sanity back. I have invested so much time and effort into things that in the end were not producing results - people and business. People have disappointed me.  Business transactions failed me. So all week I told myself I need to focus harder, be selfish of my time, choose people well and what they bring to the table. I exercised more, read more and hustled even harder. I accomplished so much the last 7 days and I'm very happy I'm in this state. I felt as if I came out a long, grueling emotional rollercoaster ride. The next two weeks will be a time to do my kill --- close deals, get into nitty gritty of my business setup and get my financial intelligence a notch higher. And before I give birth to a beautiful daughter, I'd be so equipped mentally, emotionally and physically to take on more challenges of  being a businesswoman and a Mom for the first time. #ceo #sly #bossbabe #businessgame #avisiwa

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cut The BS & Burn The Bridge

Day 6 of 30-Day Business Restructring: CUT THE BS & BURN THE BRIDGE. I work hard, I give my all and I know what I'm worth. So when I'm pushed or provoked, & I'm hearing and seeing people's BS, I don't think twice to say what's right. I rarely back down - backing down is for weak people, backing down means you're unsure of yourself and your thoughts. Today, I heard the most BS script in my life and decided it was time to cut it out, burn that bridge and just move forward. I'm too busy for more BS and I've compromised enough in my life. Either you want it or not. Either you do it or you don't. Either you're there or you're somewhere else. You can't be in between and think you can get my respect. I don't respect indecisive people - changing plans every other week nor not having any plans at all. I also don't have any respect for people who backstabs me and then say sorry and expects you forgive them just like that. I don't backstab people - I say it in their face when they have to hear it. I surely don't respect women who can only show tits and ass and hang around like leeches - taking advantage of people, no goals, nor use to the world. I'm not sorry for being blunt, for being direct, for showing my feelings nor sorry for saying what's real. Today was the day of cutting the all the excess BS  and I'm happy I did. What a relief. Now back to business and empire building.  Beautiful sunset today isn't?  #empresstalk #next #entrepreneurship #bossbabe #ceo #slyempir

Friday, July 31, 2015

Realigning My Stars

Day 3-5 of 30-Day Business Restructuring: REALIGNING MY STARS. Ending this day with reading one of my favorite business books Secrets of the Great Rainmakers. I feel a little off, slightly demotivated and mentally exhausted from hustling and thinking. Now that there's 3 months left before I officially become  a mom, I'm becoming anxious and impatient of how things are going with business. It really takes so much patience to do what I do. But I'm not stopping. I know I just need to get some rest and step back to see what I should equip myself with to move things forward. The family visit was very helpful and gave me an energy I can use for this week's challenges. I am lucky to have this backup. Even luckier to have a little one reminding me that with or without business deals and opportunities, I already have won. #goforit #alignyourstars #winning #youarewhatyouthink #ceo #bossbabe #entrepreneurship #empressofsly #gratitude #familyfirst

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Make Me Sly

MAKE ME SLY. I don't easily give up especially when people doubt my vision. I learned to stick by it all through these years. I only doubted myself once -- and was so wrong about it. The more they doubt and question, the more I move forward with my ideas. Negative opinions only empower me. The more they hate and show jealousy, the more I become even powerful. For me, it only means I'm doing something right. I'm causing people to talk about me. And I love it when do - it's a huge compliment - in fact, I crave for it. They spend their precious time for me. I laugh because all these people who gossips and try to bring me down and ruin my name have no idea what it takes to get here and how to really hustle. They're only good at "talking" & "watching" me and other people do it. They try to find my weakness but they fail every time - because my mind is calibrated like a steel and cant be destroyed by anything you throw at it. And end of the day, it's my vision not theirs. Only "I" know what to do with it. But let's see if they can do what I do, talk about building a brand, have the guts to build an empire, have the confidence and courage to fail and do it all over again - many times. Let's see if they have the drive to get out there and get what they want. I bet they can't. I bet they can't even construct a proper facebook post that matters to the world. I bet they haven't even read 1/8 of the business books I did. So please, continue and make me more famous than ever. Talk about me. Make people curious who I am. Make me feel hot. Make me so sly. #empressofsly #ceotalk #entrepreneurship #mesosly #bossbabe 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Flaunt Actions

Day 2 of 30-Day Business Restructuring. FLAUNT ACTIONS. I slept for only 5 hours but it felt like a solid 8-hour sleep so I woke up fresh & ready to conquer the week. I made this decision to do 30-Day Business Restructuring mainly because I felt I need to cut down even more on unproductive things and see major changes in my life & business fast - before my little empress come out. This second day will be about pushing things even harder - follow-ups and just getting money in the bank. And when I need to do things fast, I like to wear a sporty outfit and my racing shoes to get me in this kickass zone. #ceo #bossbabe #entrepreneurship #slyempire #dontthink #justdoit #nodoubts #selfbelief #driven

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tables Are Turned

Day 1 of 30-Day Business Restructuring: TABLES ARE TURNED.   I started my day with cooking a beautiful, healthy breakfast - since I've been eating too much junk outside - I took time preparing, plating & eating it, with a lovely classical music at the background. It was so delicious. I then met my lovely friend Monique by the pool to get a perfect tan while talking about business and future travel plans together. I answered business calls and pitched deals to business connections in between laps, tanning and crazy laughs - yes, I do business on a Sunday, actually 24/7. I'm doing  a 30-day business restructuring to achieve and learn new things. Turning the tables to see the change I want and need to happen. #ceo #bossbabe #entrepreneur #slyempire #notimeforplay

Thursday, July 23, 2015

You Are Your Own Competition

YOU ARE YOUR OWN COMPETITION.  Every entrepreneur know this. There's always a struggle inside them. He is never perfect. He questions himself all the time. He goes through in his head how he can make it through the day successfully. May it be a small vendor to a billionaire - it's almost always the same feelings and thoughts. He looks at himself in the mirror, choose which voice he listens to - himself or the person looking back at him. There's always conflicting ideas and thoughts between the two. He then have to choose either to fight it or shut down. Today, I gave myself a hard look in the mirror - dressed and smelling like a million bucks - and I chose to fight it. I chose to win the day. #ceo #bossbabe #winning #fighter #entrepreneurship