Friday, October 7, 2016

Empress of Zulu

I wrote this action-packed, power-hungry, decadent & sexy comic book series brought to life by artist Andrew Villar, Book 1 launching November 19 & 20 at the KOMIKON 2016 - attended annually by thousands of people. We only have 5 full pages for advertisement spaces so hurry and email me if you're interested to be a sponsor at Printing mid-October. #empressofzulu #powersexwarroyalty #avisiwa #andrewvillar 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

iTrulli Fashion Food & Wine

First of, thank you to my friend, a brilliant lawyer & restaurateur Gale Atienza for the 5-hour debauchery & a very productive meeting at her Italian restaurant & concept store iTRULLi. I can't get over their Chicken Confit & now craving for it! That medium rare Angus Beef topped with fresh Rosemaries paired with fabulous, quality Italian wines was HEAVEN. Also, their Bottarga Pasta is a 'must-try' dish. You'll definitely be seeing me more here for my business meetings. A very special treatment await my guests at iTrulli - a welcome drink and a complimentary dessert - when you mention my name AVI SIWA for bookings or walk ins -- just take a selfie & tag me when you do. For wine lovers & restaurants who want to carry quality wines, I highly recommend them as they import the largest selection of exceptional Italian wines, you can get the best pricing for bulk orders through the Empress, just send my assistant Reeze for pricelist or tasting schedule. Last note, they also hold Wine Education for 6pax and up - same perks above apply. πŸ’‹πŸ΄✨🍷🎷🎸 #foodie  #foodporn #gourmetfood #italianfood #italiangourmet #italianlifestyle #wineconnoiseur #winecellar #winelover #winetasting #wineeducation @itrullifashionfoodwine 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Anyone Can Cook

ANYONE CAN COOK.  Remember that restaurant critic Anton Ego in Ratatouille the movie? That scene where he first tasted the little chef's version of Ratatouille -- astonished at the taste and suddenly brought back to childhood memories of his mother's cooking? Well, I sort of felt that way when I first tasted @slydiet 's new dishes during our food tasting this weekend -- I was speechless and felt like a child again who could't get enough of it. I finished most of it. Despite being a Flexitarian over 10 years, eating the best tasting healthy dishes, and dining at some of the best restaurants in the world, I asked how a healthy dish could taste that good. I am so proud to have teamed up with two amazing chefs who could execute my vision of a healthy diet and more. This week, I'm tasting vegan and vegetarian dishes to be cooked by my chef partners who are as ecstatic as I am to introduce the first Flexitarian Diet in the country. While we create these amazing dishes for you, like us on FB, twitter and IG @slydiet so you're updated when we finally open in September. A little note, you have a few months to go to fit into your holiday clothes so book your diet plan with @slydiet as soon as you can. For those of you who aspire to be a chef one day, don't forget chef Gusteau's motto " Anyone can cook." And if you're building an empire like me, remember Empress' motto "Anyone can do it." Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday night and a week full of surprises & success! #slyempire #sly #empressofsly #slyph #slymanila #slyboss #slyangels #slychefs #slysignaturedishes #laratatouille

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sly Diet

I couldn't believe the new @slydiet would look this good! Thank you to my two chef partners who worked  until 5am this morning to make these sample dishes. They are the head chefs of known establishments - but I can't tell who they are until we've launched in September. But you may now start booking diet plans to reserve a spot - it's going to be limited for the first few months so hurry! Just a little history, I started this diet meal delivery in 2013 because surprise, surprise I'm a health freak, I love healthy cooking & detoxing. In 2014, I was set to launch  Sly CafΓ© at Century Mall - architectural designs completed by @kaydeegrey but I decided not to launch and risk my angel investor's hard-earned moola because the location was new and needed more foot traffic for us to sustain the business. The Universe must have heard my prayers and mantras because these two amazing chefs believed in my vision, get my concept perfectly and are investing in a Sly Diet commissary - set to launch this September. Sly Diet is inspired from a diet I've been following for the last 10 years - Flexitarian Diet. We're launching 3 Flexitarian Diet Plans - for those working out, those trying to lose weight & because I love the nightlife, we're making a special plan for those who love these occasional debaucheries. Also, we're bringing back Sly Bars & Juices to complete your Sly cravings - I know some of you missed it. While waiting for our launch, pls follow our IG, FB page & Twitter @slydiet to know when we launch and other cool things we're throwing for you. You may message me or the Assistant to the Empress @reezebosabos or email her at to book your diet plans. Cheers to getting sexier! And then wearing Sly Boutique after. #slydiet #slyempire

Friday, July 29, 2016

Think Big, Act Small

After being exposed in private equity deals,  dramas of multimillion companies expanding too fast and going deep into debts, and startup entrepreneurs pitching sophisticated, ROI-seductive business plans but not going anywhere, I know I'm taking the best route. Yes I think big alright, but I'm not gonna blow cash just to look like my cashflow is positive when you're actually bleeding because you couldn't pay that shiny office. What I think is crazier is entrepreneurs pitching businesses to take in expensive salaries thinking investors would miss that - trust me, they look at every detail of your numbers. I've never taken in salaries which was also a mistake - take an amount enough to sustain you.  Again,  it's experience that gets you to think this way and I have my share of failures. When you've tried and tested many business models, your ego is muted and you can actually take the staircase. You don't want to ride the elevator only to see you can't sit with them & play their game.   #thinkbigactsmall @foundrmagazine

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hello Sly Boutique!

So a little over 5 years ago I launched Sly Boutique, an exclusive by-invite showroom in Rockwell with a full production house. Clueless what a  ginormous and expensive business it was going to be, it became too stressful and hard to manage so we decided to shut it down while I explore other businesses. We even produced reality TV show and signature wine of Sly to go with it which I put on hold as I felt it wasnt the right time to do it. Because of motherhood, I had to look for a business I can manage even at home when Im taking care of baby Zuri and while I run around doing my business deals. I am very excited and proud to reintroduce Sly Boutique online  and get back in the fashion business. Please follow on Instagram and sign up at to find out when we soft launch. I look forward to seeing all your support. Thank you everyone and have a great day! #sly 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fairest Of Them All

Little Empress: Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the yummiest, prettiest and really fairest of them all?" Empress: Who else? You - of course my darling! Little Empress: Okayyyy... Just checking! (Hihi Mummy knows how to make my day 😁) @zurisiwa 


I always thought buffets are great places to show one's creativity - it also  reveal the person's character on how he does his plating and food choices. As you can see, I like my plate not so full, small portions of meat (the server was a little too quick to give me the huge standard slice of Roast Beef - my mistake as I just pointed at it & forgot to say my preferred size) and always come with greens & alkaline rich dishes. Note: I dont finish everything as I only like to taste a bit of each dish  and not be too full that you can barely breathe after. So from top left to right I had the following - 1st plate: Salmon Sashimi, Steamed Spiced Shrimps & Squid, Mix Greens with Strawberries, Walnuts, Capers, Brie, Manchego & 3 dollops of Ranch, Blue Cheese & Caesar dressings; 2nd Plate: Steamed Asparagus, Mussels & Clams, Lechon Macau, Soy Chicken with Asian Sauces; 3rd Plate: Medium Well Roast Beef with Horseradish Cream, Baked Portabello Mushroom & Roasted Tomato & Thyme; 4th Plate: Carrot Cupcake, Truffle Chocolate, White Chocolate Shaving & Mix of Tropical Fruits. I had a 5th plate which didn't make it to this collage: Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Dough Cheesecake (the best!) & Lemon & Lime Sorbet. Service was again so flawless --- didn't have to ask for my wine glass to be refilled with RosΓ© and when I accidentally spilled sauce on my white dress, our amazing waiter "Michael" was quick to give me a cold damp towel to wipe it off. To sum it up, Spectrum was truly a 5-star experience. Now I have to burn off all the calories from yesterday's long lunch! #spectrum #fairmonthotel #raffles #foodie

7 Month Old Little Empress

Happy 7 months old PUGVIC! Wishing you another healthy & fun month...but please don't grow up too fast - Mummy is still enjoying every bit of your cuteness. Special thanks to Tita TM for this chic zebra print, fuchsia  pink ruffled dress & Monsieur Lambert for her glittering pair of silver party shoes - she was a head-turner and oh so yummylicious little mademoiselle as always. #victoria #zuri @zurisiwa #raffles #fairmont #spectrum

Saturday, May 7, 2016


The hardest thing to do is forgive those who hurt you. But it is not really the act that's hard but losing your ego and thinking you're losing a battle by forgiving the person. These days, I choose to forgive right away because it's really not worth the energy and time to be bringing negativity in my life and my daughter's life. Hurtful, provoking words become nano small  and irrelevant. Example, there was a bitter comment on my post, I made a mistake of replying to it and because I didnt want my ego hurt, I replied with something so sarcastic and bitchy. But doing it only gave negative vibes so I deleted my comment, wished the person well & even gave a sisterly advice instead. Guess what happened, I got some good news, released the negative energy and true enough, it expanded my life in an instant. So deep breathes my darlings, pray when you're provoked, dont react right away, lift it up to Him, then let it all go so you can run your own race and win it. We can never please everybody & we dont need society's validation to have a happy life. Do your own thing, be a success & tell me about it later when you reach your goals too. Wishing you all beautiful, positive weekend! Good morning Manila x Love, Empress πŸ’‹ P.S. Being part of the rat race and having access to social media don't give you an excuse to crab mentality (aka being a hater). It is not sexy, it doesn't project success and embarrassing to yourself and family. Think before you post and choose your words well before you show the world you're a true defeatist without any future. OK maybe that's bitchy but I don't know how else I should say it. But you get the point right? Let's workout!