Life of an Empress

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sly Brand : Then and Now

11:20 pm
Manila, PH.

When I decided in 2006 I wanted to build a brand empire, I wasn't thinking about launching a cafe and making it the focus of my empire. Instead, I did what I knew and love - throwing parties - launched "Nyotaimori"- a practice in Japan where they eat sushi/sashimi off a woman's body. I always found Japanese culture fascinating so for me this concept was perfect as the launching pad for Sly - it's sexy,  provoking, and edgy. During these parties, I was also designing the outfits for the models and had the AHA! moment and decided to launch clothing line Sly Boutique, a BY INVITE ONLY blinged-out snake-print walled showroom showcasing Sex, Power, Seduction theme of party, lounge and corporate wear; serving Champagne and our signature wine Hedonizt (red grape Zinfandel from boutique winery Morse Vineyards); my ball python snaked named Sex represents the brand - everything was inspired by my ultimate mentor and muse CLEOPATRA - I think that if I had a "past life," I was her. So she is within the soul my brand.

While building the Sly brand through parties and clothing line, I was also my brokering business deals because I know that this "empire-building dream" will be very expensive and want to make sure I'm ready. As I network, broker big deals and connect people, I found out that is my ultimate passion and it quickly became an addiction at the same time my weakness. High net worth assets, commodities, precious metals, real estate, and fashion talents - I brokered it all. Met all kinds of people - from ordinary agents, humble sellers, difficult negotiators, serial entrepreneurs, influential people, top decision makers and of course the brilliant scammers. Most of it led nowhere. I failed many times and lost money along the way but I didn't stop. I continued learning, failing, getting up and keeping my eyes open to the world of business game. I knew that the education from these only can make me a stronger businesswoman, hone my negotiating skills, open up more opportunities and bring me important connections for my empire. I followed and studied many successful brands and moguls during these years of hustling - from clothing line, real estate companies, technology billionaires to food franchise empires. I was always thinking "What would be my killer app?" or "What would be that one business idea that will explode my brand and with some stroke of luck and hard work be the next billionaire?"

Now here we are, 2014. 8 years after I conceptualised Sly. A lot of exciting projects are being developed for the brand - the latest is production of healthy products (power bars, juices, hangover cures, juice smoothies and diet meals) and plans to expand to a network of kiosks and cafe. Our recent milestone is the offer for spaces at the newest, high-end mall "Century Mall" in Makati City - they offered 3 slots for kiosks and 1 for a cafe. Funds are ready in a week and we'll start to work with my chosen food and management consultant team - they are one of the best in the market. I will also be building a factory and get export license for my power bars - because they are selling like crazy and starting to get distributorship inquiries here and abroad. My current clients range from expats and those living in high end residential complex like Rockwell and The Fort - most I acquired from word of mouth - which I am very proud of.

So let's see how far I can take this brand and find out which one of the projects is my ultimate killer app.  Could the healthy food business be it? We shall see.

Talk to you again soon. ♡

Love & Power,

E M P R E S S 
A V I  S I W A