Life of an Empress

Monday, October 26, 2015

Vina Morales

VINA MORALES. Actually @vina_morales I changed my mind.Stay d hell out of my parenting w/ MARC LAMBERT. Ur a new girlfriend & don't have any right to tell me how I shld deal w/ this.Even if u get a ring on ur finger, u have no right to stand between my child & her Dad.Don't bring ur insecurities in my social media.But if u like to embarrass urself more, go ahead pls do so & I'll spill here how ur fans are so wrong abt their 'goodie-two-shoe' idol.Ur no angel, & I surely am not one too - takes one to know one - so pls stop trying to look innocent to Marc to get him to the altar, we can smell your stink miles frm here.Ur flipping out w/a small cropped photo of Marc,saying I can't post his photo w/ his child & then stopping his visitation to his daughter bec he wasn't @ your birthday.Then sending nasty comments here & then saying u want to meet my child.Ur d biggest plastic loser I've ever met.While u shamelessly broadcast ur 'new found love' on every media possible knowing I'm a few weeks frm delivery.So much for being Single Mom.I don't buy ur lies, & NO we don't have d same story - u've been spoiled by Cedric during ur pregnancy & got paid good support while I was alone all throughout mine w/ support not as huge as urs - so be grateful.NO we didn't just break up, me & M r hooking up during d 9months - so you wr fooled.NO you don't know everything abt me & Marc so stop talking like u do just based on some emails.Why dnt u instead spend your time caring for Ceana instead of trying to be d ultimate desperate (literally) housewife -- yes we know you're 40years old & desperately needing a husband to who can take ur shit bec no one wants to, makes a lot of sense.So let me be d one to give u a "very friendly reminder", know ur position (Only 2 months w/ Marc), recognize AVI SIWA d mother of ur current BF's child is NO SUCKER & don't stop Marc again frm seeing his child.If ur game is destroying families,then u made d wrong move on destroying mine.Don't u ever talk to me that way again.Watch what u say next if u don't want d whole country knowing ur dirty little secrets Ms. Pa-InnocentFace.Ur disgusting.#homewrecker #divaturnedugly #part2 #and #action #imnojudy #bitchon

Monday, October 19, 2015

Ultimate Title

ULTIMATE TITLE. I was about to sleep at 2am on October 12 when a sharp pain kicked in and followed by more cramps every 10 minutes. After the 5th pain, I woke my mom up and said to her "Let's go." She knew immediately what I meant. My mom drove the opposite side of the road using blinking hazard lights & crazy honking to beat the neverending traffic in Quirino Hway. I was thankful the hospital was only a few kilometers away as the pain went from 10 down to 5 minute intervals. I get to the emergency room holding hard on to the bed railings from excruciating pain. I screamed,  cursed and meditated hoping the pain subsides but it only grew stronger. The first  injected pain reliever didn't  work and I cried of pain thinking of all the mother's in the world who went through the same, wondering how they all got through it. My mom said "You can do this." I wanted to believe her. Thank God my OB and anesthesiologist finally arrived, and after 8 hours of labor I was injected Epidural which immediately relieved me of all the pain, numbing everything except the little force coming out. On the 6th push, out came an angelic cry. Victoria, my Little Empress is born. She is now a week old and I'm mastering being a mom to her, clueless of this unfettered territory but learning fast as I change diapers, sing lullabies, bath her, put her to sleep while breastfeeding. Universe, thank you for giving me a healthy and strong baby girl. Thank you to my Mom, family and friends who were there all throughout 9 months of pregnancy, your love and emotional support made Victoria a beautiful, sweet and always smiling baby. The hospital team who were so caring, attentive to my needs and my fabulous OB for making me feel so secure during the whole process of delivery - thank you so much. I especially want thank the father of Victoria who gave me the most precious gift a woman can have, a child, I'll be forever grateful to you. And to you Victoria, my Little Empress, thank you for giving me the  ultimate title in the world - Your Mom. I will treasure this and make you very proud. #ultimatelove #babygirl #victoria #ourmonamour #proud #mom #motherhood #mompress #now #life #sowonderful #avisiwa #mrcl

Friday, September 25, 2015

Taming The Empress

TAMING THE EMPRESS. Someone said I'm stubborn, too ambitious, my ego too big, that I should change my company name and stop calling myself an Empress. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and who I was hearing it from. Offended, hurt and disappointed, I started doubting myself -  the most awful 10 seconds of my life. He was right I have a huge ego, that I'm overly confident and (probably) insane for self-proclaiming myself an Empress. But then I thought, this person has no clue who I really am, where I came from and experiences I've been through. No one really knows how I see the world, my world, how I envision my future and what it took to become who I am today. People will never truly understand the pains (emotionally, mentally & financially) and sacrifices of being an entrepreneur, not having the right financial backing all the time and building my company from scratch. Why wouldn't I dream this big? Why would I settle for less? Why wouldn't I build my dream the way I want it? Why would I listen to someone who really isn't in the position I'd like to be in? And why would I give a F when it is I working day and night to build this empire? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion sure, but you have every right to do what pleases you - especially if you can back it up. You have to be ready with this type of  situation. You really have to stand firm and believe in yourself, so that when people start to doubt you and question your abilities, you don't lose yourself in their unsupported ideas. I learned this the hard way when I listened to a few people close to me years ago. I lost my self-belief and gave my power to them. I felt the lowest version of myself. Never again. I like supermodel Naomi Campbell (my favorite model of all time) she knows exactly what she wants and she gets it everytime. She might be called a bitch and a diva but look at how successful she is. To be this successful, you can't listen to every person who tells you you can't make it or incapable of making your dream a reality. They bring you down because they're scared of your success, because maybe you will make it and prove them wrong. I have no problem listening people's to advice and love to take any criticism because I learn from it. But I always follow my own gut feelings and never change my dreams just to fit into their world. So YES. I am too stubborn to give in. Too ambitious to give up. Ego too big to fold. Who says I can't call myself an Empress? I can call myself whatever I feel like it. And Empress, tamed? Not in their wildest dreams. They can try, but they will fail miserably. I promise you this. What's next? Let's talk business.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Killing It

KILLING IT. I'm juggling preparing for my delivery, meeting doctors, doing medical tests, & hustling while on the move, hospital & home. I'm never stopping, never slowing down, always thinking, strategizing & pushing things forward. I'm smiling at the thought of how things changed & still are changing for me. Challenging, but I like challenges. Soon I'm going to be a mom. Avi Siwa, a mom, can you believe that? This didn't sound right about 1.5 years ago. You would be laughing with me, if you heard me saying then I will never have children, not yet & not now. It didn't fit my masterplan, my priorities & what I needed to do to build a business empire. Having a baby sounded so far from how I'm feeling right now. But the right moment came and I agreed to have a baby with someone very special. It felt perfectly right and beautiful. And even when that relationship didn't work out, I felt complete, happy and the luckiest woman in the world. Not only was I given a gift of motherhood, I was given freedom to do whatever I want to do at my own pace and prove myself in business without interruptions and compromise, to call the shots on my own. Victoria is the key to these new perspectives, wisdom, building my business and personal growth. She has been my motivation, inspiration, the unending strength the past 8 months. And I know that when I officially become a mother to her, she will be my arms in every business deal I close and we will kill it together. I'm ready to be a mother. #ceo #slyempire #positiveinfluence #powerofintention #momtobe #booyah #tothetop

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


EPIPHANY. Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I surely do. This saying manifested itself in an overwhelmingly cool divine way yesterday. I was with business associates at a cafe, thinking how amazing it was being with people 15 years older than me, listening to their wisdom on life and business. We were wrapping up at sunset and suddenly I had an epiphany. I saw the future. I saw my life 5, 10, 20 etc. years from now. It was clear. I knew then what I needed to do to get there. It was like I was put in a bubble where I don't hear the outside world, it was just myself and this vision. I saw my daughter Victoria in my arms, saw her growing up, we are so happy. I'm at the peak of my success, strong, wise and extremely beautiful jewelled in this sleek corporate outfit and Louboutins. I saw a party in a penthouse full of beautiful people, this penthouse is mine. I saw everything I wanted. "Avi, we will work on this all day tomorrow..." my business partner says snapping me back to reality. As I was going home last night, through pouring rain and chaos, I came back to this bubble and revisited this epiphany. My mind was at work, thinking step by step what I need to do. Everything happens for a reason indeed. I have to be here, nowhere else, to get to where I am destined to go. #ceo #bossbabe #slyempire #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #businessmind #businesswoman #versace #armanicode

Friday, September 4, 2015

Powerful Detour

POWERFUL DETOUR. Had a little detour the last two days. My world stopped and I felt like I lost everything I have. And again I had to ask God 'why is this happening now.. why is he giving me this challenge?..can I get out of this rut?..' It felt as if it was never going to end. So I took time to open up to trusted friends and family  which I never did, I'm very privy to only a few but this time I felt I have to reach out to more people to get their perspectives of the situation. I'm so happy I did. This detour only made me realize more that I am loved and cared for by many people and that there is nothing to be afraid of. They reminded me who I am, what I'm capable of and the "happiness" coming in my life -- VICTORIA. That in the end I am the winner in all these. That this storm shall pass and God will stand beside me. That real, true love will help you find your path. I will take what I learned from these and move forward in positive way. I am ready. Thank you to all who took time to listen, your advice is golden. #ceo #bossbabe #thinkpositive #change #newperspective  #lifechanging #lucky

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slow Down. Let Go. Reasses

Day 23-30 of Business Restructuring: SLOW DOWN, LET GO & REASSES. I spent the last 8 days of this 30-day business restructuring organizing my thoughts and building a new roadmap for the empire moving forward. I was told I might give birth in 5 weeks which gave me extra motivation to push harder. But I like the timing of my pregnancy because I do need to slow down and reassess everything. I will take the next 6 months improving my businesses - product development, market analysis,  and research - and closing a few partnerships and deals while taking care of my little empress. I'm letting go and giving up some part of this empire-building quest so I can focus on being great mom to Victoria --- for a year or two or more, whatever is necessary. She is my world and my empire now. #ceo # bossbabe #entrepreneur #familyfirst #ultimatelove #slyempire

Monday, August 17, 2015


Day 21-22 of 30-Day Business Restructuring: ACCELERATE. What a momentum! The week went so fast. I kicked ass and accelerated even more this weekend by pushing on signing a business deal. But it doesn't end there. It will take more thinking, strategizing and partnering for me to see any returns. It's not as easy as it looks but I'm doing it, working hard for it and I'm having the best time of my life - I get to test my negotiating skills and all new skills I learned the past few months - such an awesome feeling when you can make the calls, pitch and test your ideas and everyone listens. I especially love the fact that I'm usually the only woman in boardroom meetings - very powerful and sexy. Let's see if I really can walk the talk in next last 8days of this 30-Day challenge. Cheers to the process of making (lots of) money! #ceo #bossbabe #entrepreneur #dealmaker #walkthetalk #awomaninmansworld #businessinheels #rulenumber1neverbenumber2 #slyempire 

Monday, August 10, 2015


Day 15-20 of 30-Day Business Restructuring: KICKASS. I just finished an hour of morning meditation, played some harp music for my little empress to send my love vibrations and now we're ready to get things done. I'm pushing harder and coming stronger this week - no messing around. I won't be playing nice nor be accommodating to people who bring nothing but talk and waste my time and theirs. The next two weeks will only be about closing and nothing else. All my senses were sharpened and strengthened more over the last few months - thanks to the people I tried to do business with who don't know how to close a deal and many business deals that flopped  - I'm now very proud to say a 99.99% BS-proof and sharp like a shark. Now where's my crown? Let me show you how it's done. #ceo #bossbabe #dealcloser #businessgame #entrepreneurship #walkthetalk #empressofsly

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Day 7-14 of 30-Day Business Restructuring: EVOLVE. When shit goes down, who do you turn to? Yourself. You come back to who are, reassess everything and get your sanity back. I have invested so much time and effort into things that in the end were not producing results - people and business. People have disappointed me.  Business transactions failed me. So all week I told myself I need to focus harder, be selfish of my time, choose people well and what they bring to the table. I exercised more, read more and hustled even harder. I accomplished so much the last 7 days and I'm very happy I'm in this state. I felt as if I came out a long, grueling emotional rollercoaster ride. The next two weeks will be a time to do my kill --- close deals, get into nitty gritty of my business setup and get my financial intelligence a notch higher. And before I give birth to a beautiful daughter, I'd be so equipped mentally, emotionally and physically to take on more challenges of  being a businesswoman and a Mom for the first time. #ceo #sly #bossbabe #businessgame #avisiwa