Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rich Dad, Poor Mom

My Lola cooked this "Champorado w/ Tuyo"  especially for me to make me laugh this morning ❤😂 A short history of this Tuyo joke: When IG trolls (bashers) & simple-thinking people kept saying "28k" child support was enough, I said that only people who eat Tuyo "everyday" can be okay with it. To put it bluntly, I meant only poor people are ok w/ it. I never  considered myself poor even when at my lowest point & had a  negative cashflow. I've had many failures & lost millions including an inheritance I blew in under a year - I was young, inexperienced & too confident. Despite many bad decisions - never ever have I felt poor & felt the need to eat poorly. Even being brought up by two women who came from nothing, never made me feel limited in any way. Maybe because I saw the other side of my family. My father's side was quite well off, w/ massive lands in Nueva Ecija, & my grandpa being called a "Don" surely made me feel I was special & a rich kid. I was torn by  two worlds - a wealthy father & a poor mother - it's almost like Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad book story. Back to Tuyo joke, I ended up calling these bashers "Tuyo-Eating Brainless Trolls" or Tuyo Trolls. I'm now being bashed again for "looking down" on the masses who eat Tuyo. But I see this way: People w/ POOR mindset will surely get offended, but those w/ RICH mindset will see this as a motivation to not get stuck eating Tuyo all their life & be poor. Why would you want to stay poor? Wouldn't you want a better future for yourself & your family? Wouldn't you like your children eat better than Tuyo everyday? As a mother, I surely would like my kids to eat better & enjoy the finer things in life. And  FYI, my 1 year old & 4 months daughter Victoria Zuri hasn't tried Tuyo, but I will surely expose her to Filipino dishes & delicacies - even Tuyo - so she can embrace both worlds, just like how I did, and imbued humility in her. There's nothing wrong being poor, but to stay there at the expense of your children is unfair. Don't get stuck in the rat race, learn good English, watch international programs, read books & be competitive.  #TheOnlyTimeIdEatTuyo #LolasHumor #TuyoJokeHistory #RichDadPoorMom

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Back to school!

The good news is I'm finishing school --- yes, finally! Didn't announce right away as I wanted to take a few classes first & see how I feel about it. But yes I'm 1000% going for it, no turning back! I will get my college degree within the next year or two. So, business, work & babies during daytime & classes during weeknights --- a perfect schedule for me. What's good is most of subjects I took during 3 years in college were credited so I only have to take the major subjects, this shortens everything. The sweetest part of this whole thing is my lovely grannie is financing it - she challenged me to top the board exam later knowing I was always on top of the class, I accepted the challenge as I want to make her & Mom proud (& feed my ego of course 😉). They were very disappointed when I dropped out of college so this is ultimately for them. I always believed in good education but because I was too confident (and clueless) then, thinking I didn't need school to be successful - plus getting that inheritance didn't help - I dropped out to start a martini bar & blew it all. A very expensive education but worth every cent spent. With my business & life experience, I know I will learn faster & understand business concepts better. So taking this route will surely add value to all my business ventures & upgrade my skills as a businessewoman - now isn't that SEXY? Full description of my course when I finish it. 😉

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dear 2017, I'm coming to slay. #bossbabe

Yeah! I loved how the hustle started this year. Very strong two days and even stronger today - awake at 5am to start the day. My focus project The Residences at Westin Sonata Manila is getting traction - potential investors and end users are back in Manila & ready to look into good investments - it's going to be a busy month! Half the time I'm brokering other deals -not many- I've chosen the best I'm focusing on this year, which includes artworks of national artists, a real estate development & 3 start-up deals. In between, I'm building the Sly brand - thru boutique, events, & real estate. Building it slowly, not missing details & I'm learning fast along the way. I'm the sole decision-maker of the company, I call the shots for everything so the pressure is more intense than ever - but I love it, I like it this way. My plans for 2017 is crystal clear and indestructible. Don't blink my darlings, I'm sharing lots of business wisdom and lessons, my second angel @averyzoesiwa arriving in April, & plus who knows maybe I will find true love this year - you will definitely be the first to know ❤😊 Have a great Thursday! #bossbabe 

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Planning 2017

Woke up at 5am to get ready to start finalizing my plans for 2017. Sitting at the back of the house w/ Little Empress looking at these assorted round fruits - they say it's lucky to have these for New Year's, the backdrop is our lovely kubo. I  can hear everyone waking up, maids are preparing breakfast. I heard we're having Fried Garlic Rice & Tinapa - take note, not Tuyo 😊 This year is not the toughest, but one of the most challenging years I had. I'm grateful for all the heartaches & headaches - I learned so much about myself even more, my strengths & weaknesses & I'm taking all I learned to build a better person & life next year. I'm sure it will be tougher now that I'm having two daughters, but I'm ready & well prepared. I was once a rebellious, wild child not giving a F about everything (I still sometimes don't), always wanting to be different, doing what no one dares to do - coming out on TV, posing for FHM & doing Indie films despite my very conservative family background, being tagged as 'Ultimate Party Girl' bec I was always in the party scene, then cutting myself out of the scene to  pursue entrepreneurship even w/o business background except my guts, charm & grit. I became a deal maker, chasing multi million deals - from commodities to real estate to investment deals - while daring to 'build an empire' because someone once said 'you come from a 3rd world country, you don't know shit...' That ignited the Empress in me -  I will forever thank that person for putting this growing fire in my core. I fell in love in between the hustle, I broke hearts & had mine broken too. I was wrongfully accused, bashed, judged & torn apart by social media. But all these didn't stop me. I'm still on it. Not stopping, not pausing. Nothing can hold me down. I'm all in everyday, every second, learning fast, moving closer to what I want - always hungry to win. May my energy inspire you to not give up on  your dreams, to not be held down by any bad experience, nor think your background is a limitation. If I did it & surpassed it all & still at it, you too can. The wisdom you get is worth the pain & madness. Let's do something wilder in 2017. Happy New Year! 💋 Love, EMPRESS 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ready for 2017!

The best part is - I'm still single 😎 And that's 2 years in a couple months from now. While I'm not closing doors to committing to a relationship, I'd like to keep being focused on myself, my little angels & making my own money. I think it's important to have a long break &  reflect on past relationships & mistakes - how you can do better in the future - before jumping into another one. It's also important that the next one would love my little angels - even more than I do. I want to be with someone I can learn from - not necessarily someone from an Ivy League school - I'd rather be with a dropout who built a wildly successful business or someone with dreams bigger than mine who is not afraid to make mistakes & even more fearless than me - he has to be an inspiration to many people. I feel it's important too he recognizes the big guy up there - been with Atheists & those didn't work. Lastly & most importantly, he has to be hotter than my previous boyfriends - I'm joking (not!) 😉  It's a lot to ask but I can't see it any other way & I'm not compromising just to have someone. I was always blinded by feelings of passion & physical attraction that I forget to look deeper into their values, principles & background. How they manage their relationships w/ their parents, friends & people are as important as how they manage their own money & health. And now that I have two little angels to take care of, having a relationship becomes a serious commitment, responsibility & investment of emotions & time - he and I have to be ready for all of it, zero baggages, lots of patience and maturity in communication.  I'm not in a hurry, I'm not looking, & I'm surely not scared to be alone for a very long time to take time finding the right one - but when I find that special someone, ready to make breakfasts in bed and look stupidly, madly in love online and offline again, you'd be the first to know. Meantime, I will enjoy being single, a sexy momma for my Little Empresses & inspiration for many women out there who like me love to hustle and just be the best for their children. I'm ready for you 2017! 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hustle's On!

Hustle's On! I was just informed my proposed exclusive viewing for Westin Residences was approved for Dec 18, 2016. I've been waiting for this for quite sometime now since I was hired as a Premier Account Manager for Westin Residences. Let me brag a little that I'm one of the very few who passed the tough interviews, training & tests of Robinsons Land Corporation. It wasn't like I could use my name, face & charm to get in - I had to go through the same rigorous process like everyone else who wanted this position ;) But my real excitement here is knowing I'm working with a company owned by billionaire, business tycoon & philanthropist John Gokongwei Jr., the second richest in the country, with a net worth of $5.5B. It's a different game when you're with a company this big, hustle is harder, competition is tougher amongst their people - exactly the challenge I'm looking for. For those savvy investors who want the best, competitively priced investment in the country right now - i.e. Westin Residences, the first Westin-branded, hotel-serviced homes in Southeast Asia - contact me at  for more details - it's selling fast! My exclusive viewing this Sunday is a first confirmation, first served basis as we have very limited slots to keep it ultra-exclusive and special for investors and buyers. Formal e-invite will be sent tomorrow. Have a lovely evening/morning everyone! #realestate #realestatephilippines #realestatemanila #hot #hotproperty #hotinvestment #bestpricedinvestment #heartofmanila #statementhome #hometobrag #closetoedsashangrila #curatedsuites#4storeyamenities #superfoodsrx #heavenlybed #heavenlybath #runwestinconcierge  #gaggenauappliances #leichtkitchen 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Empress in Mommy Mode

In between the hustle is an Empress in mommy mode. I love carrying Zuri on my waist this way and showing off my growing 5 months belly in a fitted dress, walking around the mall looking like a MILF - that's half meant ;) But seriously, I feel that the time you put into thinking and caring for your little ones, the unconditional love you give and being so protective of them make you one hell of a sexy being. I used to think of motherhood like a super boring life, totally cutting you out of your freedom, and some sort of a big trap - that's why I never took planning of having kids or marriage seriously. That thinking changed big time when I became a mother. Motherhood is actually so cool I couldn't believe why I waited this long to be one. The unconditional love & selflessness you give, the patience you learn, the maturity and wisdom you acquire, the confidence you exude just feels so amazing & rewarding. And this is me, Zuri and growing baby Avery at SM Aura taking photos of this mesmerizing Xmas display posing like everyone else and breaking some rules. Zuri wanted to see more, so she walked beyond the velvet rope - until the guard told us off - of course I didn't stop Zuri from entering as I thought kids should be allowed to touch those animal displays. Plus I'm not really good at saying 'no' to Zuri,  I want her to have the coolest experience always. [This dress is available] @zurisiwa @averyzoesiwa

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Real Vina Morales

VINA MORALES - what can I say? You've successfully shocked me w/ ur scandalous drama last night & proven what people say abt u, that u are  LOW LIFE PALINGKERA. I once lost my cool & class over ur cyberbullying act a year ago - when u humiliate me & my child, instigating this social media BS. I thought that by replying would show I was tough, that I was fighting for my child. Well I regretted all of that - such a waste of time & just way too low for my standards. What u did last night at trying to provoke me & humiliate me (again) by picking a fight in public when I was minding my own business w/ my friends, coming to our table, taunting me like you're someone who live in the slums, shouldn't really be what a 41 year old celebrity & a mother shld be doing - especially someone who talks about God so much like u do. To ur big disappointment, I didn't react & just ignored u. Why? Bec I will not repeat dealing w/ a low life again - not worth it. I also have two children to think about & words of God I listen to - I take my bible study very seriously. So NO darling, I will not & will never stoop down to that level w/ u & react violently just to prove a point. I made peace w/ Marc & very happy about that - I will not let ur tantrums go between our parenting again. If ur problem w/ me is ur tainted reputation - don't forget u started everything w/ ur malicious comments on my IG - woman up & accept ur mistake. But if u'd rather choose to be like an uneducated person who only know how to pick physical fights bec u can't converse intelligently & privately when there are conflicts, I really feel sorry for u - u have a lot of growing up & bible studies to do. I've put everything behind, focused on my two angels & enjoying my life - u should too. U hv a child, relationship &  a wonderful career - be grateful for it. I forgive u despite everything & I'm happy that I could finally say this to u. I'm ready talk peacefully next time we see each other again, but only if u can speak like a lady too. God showed me kindness, humility & self-control. I wish he shows you these too bec I'm finally at peace w/ myself & extremely happy -even being a single mother. @vina_morales

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Winning Move

A few weeks ago I was so clouded by my anger all I could think of was sue someone. I spent so much time thinking through the whole process & preparing myself for a long legal battle. I showed fearlessness & nobody could stop me - not my mom, not any family member, my closest friends nor people I look up to can do anything. In my head I was fighting for my child & it was the right thing to do. This bravery speaking about an absolutely embarrassing subject made me some sort of a hero for helpless, resource-limited single mothers so I felt I did something valuable. Then I went to my first bible study not knowing it would help calm me down. It helped delay suing but I still negotiated hard - I wanted to get what I want to prove not only to everyone but myself I was right & that my daughter will get only the best. But just a few days ago, I decided to let it all go. I made peace with the father of my child, agreed to everything he wanted & finally signed our agreement - with a compromise totally against what I was fighting for. I let go of my ego, my anger, & my strict principles. I surrendered everything that I thought & felt I & my daughter deserved.  I chose peace over being right. There was a voice that said no need to force things, everything will be okay. I followed it, and in that instant, blessings came in various forms. While it wasn't easy, it was simultaneously liberating. This choice gave me a new kind of freedom & confidence you can't get any other way. I wouldn't advice everyone to do the same but if you can choose a more peaceful way of sorting things out, do it. Remember, walking away can also be a winning move. Have a blessed Sunday and may you all find peace in your hearts and find the next best move you need. #empresstalk

Sunday, November 6, 2016


I don't really like posting stuff abt God or showing my spiritual side - it's a very sensitive topic & alienates some people - some (in my world) even think you're weird, uncool or even brainwashed by religion. But I want to share this bec it was a very moving &  enlighhtening day for me. I was invited to my very first bible study yesterday -  thanks to my dearest friend @tetrodriguez06 who was relentless w/ inviting me. The topic was Humility. I'm not the most humble person & have a very big ego. I could also be  very competitive bec I hate losing. I rarely back down when provoked & rarely listen to my parents bec I always thought I knew better. My success & material desires are beyond normal. So it definitely struck many chords in me. This is not a life-changing story. It just made me question myself & pushed  me to reflect on who I am as a person, mother, daughter,  friend, business partner & even as a lover. I know many struggle w/ this virtue bec we live in a superficial, materialistic, ego-filled world, where everything must be all about us - our desires, successes, happiness & ultimately, our decisions. We don't want to feel pain so we chase life's most pleasurable things & put up this shield to look & feel good, but Humility is compromised & you suddenly feel incomplete. It said that to be truly happy & fill that incompleteness, that void in your heart, one must fill it w/ something more powerful & intangible. It's not our family, partner, money or material things that will make us content. It said only God who can fill that void. Many religious people will say - of course, duh - but how many of you really understand this faith & apply virtue of Humility in your lives everyday? I don't & I know I lack this virtue, but like anything else, I'm open to exploring it & learning more about it bec I think there's more to gain than lose. At the end of the study, I felt something very powerful slowly filling the void I was never aware of & some desires melting away. May you also all find wisdom to light and true happiness today. Happy blessed Sunday everyone! Love, Empress