Life of an Empress

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Master Plan

I`m sitting here at the office.
About to start my day.
I`m looking at the flowchart I sketched yesterday.
It`s the Sly Empire`s Master Plan.

Sly Diet.
Sly Cafe.
Sly Properties, Investments & Trading.
Sly Trading.
Sly Agency.
Sly Film.
Sly Wines.
Sly Boutique.

I like what I see. I smile at it.
I get excited with it.
It`s arousing. It`s different. I like being different. I like thinking big.
It pushes me to go forward. It empowers me.

Right partners. Right team.
Right execution. Right investment.
I know it all can be done.
Nothing is impossible. No limits.
No fear. No turning back.
I can see it all happening.
The vision is clear.

Your Slyness,

E M P R E S S 
A V I  S I W A