Life of an Empress

Friday, November 21, 2014

Perfecting Breakfast in Bed

I love breakfast. 
It's my favorite meal of the day. 
It sets my mood, my vibe, my energy. 
And preparing breakfast in bed is one of the things I want to be good at. 
The whole process of it is just sexy and so satisfying.


Creating it on the spot without looking at any recipe book.
Using only ingredients I see in the kitchen.
Visualizing the finished dish.
Serving it in bed. 

Then for the finale. 

Seeing Mr. Grey (a.k.a. my King) smile on his first bite because it's so damn good. 

This morning made a healthy version of Eggs Benedict - but instead of bread, I used crispbread & pumpernickel, layered it with thin slices of sheep's milk cheese I found at a delicatessen alley; light mayo, mustard, fresh button mushroom sautéed in leeks & olive oil, basil, dill and my finally perfect poached organic eggs. 

Bonne appétit!

Your Slyness,

E M P R E S S 
A V I  S I W A