Life of an Empress

Thursday, May 21, 2015


My dearest family and friends, I'm taking to Social Media now, especially with my pregnancy, to be more informative and to share my experiences, good or otherwise, so people can learn from my mistakes.  After all, the road to the top, especially if you are one of the rare few who tend to target, aim and achieve high goals and objectives, is always fraught with dangers and extreme hardship.  You know the saying, "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going!".  Learning from my past mistakes and now sharing this with you, I honestly don't like involving personal issues on my social media because that would be unprofessional and childish - NONE of you deserve to hear more bad news - the world has bigger problems people should be thinking about. But it has come to my attention that this American ERIC S. ALLISON has been maliciously and shamelessly adding my friends, friends' friends & family members & their friends and tagging them to his posts about me - harassing and bullying me. I kept my cool because my business mentors advised me not to say a word and let my lawyer deal with it.

Unfortunately, with my pregnancy, much as I was able to manage the first trimester with ease and not suffer too much of the expected nausea, what did change and dramatically so, was the extreme mood swings that came with the hormonal changes my body was undergoing, so, against their advice, I discreetly offered to settle and speak to Eric, to have a peaceful pregnancy & stop his harassment. This was very hard to do because I'm innocent and a victim myself - whose voice has been drowned by this loud American and his manipulation of media to his advantage. ERIC S. ALLISON, with his I.T. expertise has effectively launched cyber bullying, intimidation, harassment and cyber libel relentlessly against me and all who know me, including those of their own network - knowing full well that he himself dealt directly with the culprit and gave the money directly, without force or coercion, directly to the seller himself.  I am as much a victim as Eric S. Allison, yet he chose to attack me and cause damage to me and my reputation.  Unfortunately Eric's demands were impossible and instead of being cooperative to come to a settlement, he harassed me more on texts & threatened and blackmailed me to accept his inflated offer on pain of launching an all out character assassination on my person and that of my friends and legitimate business associates and affiliates.  I realized then the importance of my lawyer and mentors' advice not to communicate and negotiate with Eric S. Allison, and I stopped negotiating with him.

As Eric didn't get what he wanted from me, he brought in media on me and he has escalated everything so that he is now acting out of control. No doubt my whole family are so stressed and harassed in many ways you can imagine. What made me speak today is hearing my mother so sick and diagnosed Bell's Palsy -- she doesn't deserve this stress. I can take ANY problems but when it comes to my family and my child being threatened, I will speak up and fight for them.

My silence to this day has been maintained as my detailed affidavit/deposition with proofs is being prepared and only after I attend to the court hearing will I expose the real situation.

Needless to say, Eric S. Allison presented and exposed his side of the story, behind which there is blackmail, harassment, bullying and cyber libel.  I will abide and will have the law on my side when I expose the criminal in him for cyber libel against me and my legitimate business contacts.

For those of you who have supported me, I thank you from my heart, a "friend in need is a friend indeed" as the cliche goes and I shall not forget your kindness.  To those who are gleefully against me, we live and we learn.  C'est la vie.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Break The Rules

In Europe, I was a nobody. I was a nameless businessoman sitting in meetings after meetings, learning the world of cement and construction business being the VP Business Development of a European company and because of this I had to study the French language and adapt to their culture fast. Interestingly the limitation of understanding French conversations, allowed to me observe more, listen better, and think about which Sly businesses to grow this year. My heart and soul is focused on my brand - everything else is my way of learning what's outside the world I created. What I learned from my two months stay in Europe is exactly what Audemar Piguet's advertising line : To break the rules, you must first master them. It was my exact mindset.

(Audemars Piguet's advertising headline)
Tick Tock.

30 minutes before the take off - thinking of my Manila.
My #Selfie Bag ♡
Bye Europe!
Take-off Dubai
Welcome Drink 2: Bloody Mary + Nuts
Fireplace Up In The Air
Show Off Starters 
Very Cheesy List

Medium Rare - exactly how I like it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snowflakes All The Way

Amazing how snowflakes can make a place so magical. 

I was watching snow pile up outside the garden while having breakfast and suddenly, I was whisked into an enchanting village inside a winter crystal ball. Hypnotized and turned into a little empress, I quietly tip-toed outside - hoping no one sees what I'm about to do. I played as if I was 5 years old again. I made a snowball, threw it, laughed at it and stuck out my tongue to taste the falling, glittering, sweet snowflakes.  

This is definitely the most magical morning I have ever experience. I could wake up to this everyday.

What a wonderful morning. 

Bonjour Monsieur/Mademoiselle ♡
Breakfast View
Happiness All Over
Early Morning Shot
More Happiness
Frost After Frost