Life of an Empress

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snowflakes All The Way

Amazing how snowflakes can make a place so magical. 

I was watching snow pile up outside the garden while having breakfast and suddenly, I was whisked into an enchanting village inside a winter crystal ball. Hypnotized and turned into a little empress, I quietly tip-toed outside - hoping no one sees what I'm about to do. I played as if I was 5 years old again. I made a snowball, threw it, laughed at it and stuck out my tongue to taste the falling, glittering, sweet snowflakes.  

This is definitely the most magical morning I have ever experience. I could wake up to this everyday.

What a wonderful morning. 

Bonjour Monsieur/Mademoiselle ♡
Breakfast View
Happiness All Over
Early Morning Shot
More Happiness
Frost After Frost


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dubont & Bryne

King surprised me last night when he brought me to the super fancy 1 Michelin Star, Relais & Chateaux,  "Le Lion D'Or by Dupont & Brynes." I was expecting a simple dinner - I thought he was bringing me to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants so I didn't dress up. But there we were celebrating our 5th month at (for me) the best seat of D & B, enjoying the wide spacing between tables, exquisite service and the magnificent view of the lake. 

I was blown away (again).  

After Rosés and teasers, giving him tons of compliments for choosing this jaw-dropping gourmet restaurant and ordering our starters and main courses, we started talking about business - as usual - his, mine and ours. Things could be overwhelming sometimes so it really helps when you can share your business ideas and visions with another entrepreneur and someone you love, who think the same as you do and understands the challenges of starting business ventures and deals. And what's more amazing is when you have someone who's so willing to teach you how business works, and sincerely supports and loves your entrepreneurial passion. That's MRCL, my King, my Mr. Grey. Thank you for this super date!

I would have worn a little black dress if I knew
he was taking me here;
but somehow my racing shoes worked


Aperitif / Rosé Champagne
Off The Menu / Artichoke Soup

His / Lobster Ravioli

Mine / Rack of Lamb

Finale / Cheese Platter

Just lovely / 6 Kinds of Cheeses, Figs, & Walnuts


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Sexy, Addicting Deal-Making

I'd say deal-making is my greatest passion - I discovered this when I came back in 2007 after being exposed to different environments working as a model outside the Philippines. I felt l needed more challenge and upgrade my business skills especially that I thirst of building an empire. And I knew going back to modelling and acting wont cut it. Choosing entrepreneurship than taking (most probably) the easier route of making money was one of most difficult decisions I had to make.

Back then I didnt know how to leverage on other people's money nor pitch a business concept, I knew nothing except selling. So I immersed myself in an environment where most people wont dare do -  negotiating all kinds of business deals and mainly highend condominiums, islands, super cars, & commodities. Some friends (even some members of my family) thought I was crazy by going into these deals and thought it doesnt suit me - those who never get to speak to me in depth just see me as a model who got popular for hosting tv show OUT!, endorser of Beverly Hills 6750, independent movie actress, some magazine covers or just a social butterfly who knows nothing except being pretty, fun & drinking martinis. 

Little did they know I continued and kept learning ---- non-stop. I thought if I want to be respected & taken seriously in this men-dominated world, I have to show I can close some deals. It was very challenging & a roller coaster ride. When you think you're about to close a deal, another problem comes up & deal flops. And you're back square one. But I was relentless and patient so I learned so much & met very interesting business players - which today is my competitive advantage. A network of varying connections and skills - available at my leisure.

So for you guys, who want to have a taste of this world and see if deal making is for you,  check out for my latest deals in trading, properties, & investments & contact me if you have what we are looking for. A little warning, deal-making is not sexy, it's very sexy and can be addicting. 

Here's a motivation for you - who love the fast cars, living the fast lane, my co-dealmakers, partners & those who dreams to drive & own a Lamborghini one day. Watch this video - excuse the explicit lyrics of the background music - just thought it was the right vibe. Turn it up. ;)

Hope you all are killin' it & making it happen - everyday.